Gloves of Love 2021

Eric Banister

Wayne Township Fire Department and the George L. Day Memorial Foundation just completed the 7th annual Gloves for Love campaign making sure Elementary School children have warm gloves this holiday season. The George L. Day Foundation continues the legacy of giving that George Day inspired throughout his life.

Wayne Township Hazmat and Vertellus Specialties Emergency Response Teams are training on chlorine releases from one ton cylinders on the Westside of Indy.

Eric Banister

Wayne Township Fire Department hazmat team and Vertellus Specialties emergency response teams are training today for chlorine response emergencies involving one ton cylinders. Fire departments and Industry train regularly to gain proficiency, teamwork, and a more comprehensive understanding of each other’s equipment and technologies. It is imperative to have a […]

Peer Fitness Trainers At WTFD

Eric Banister

Wayne Township’s Peer Fitness Trainers have been putting in the extra effort at ‘The Factory D1 Indy’. This fantastic facility, designed for student and professional athletes, can take your fitness to the next level. Our Peer Fitness Trainers will incorporate what they learn at D1 and assist firefighters with custom […]

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